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Full Mouth Reconstruction

What types of treatment and procedure could be involved during full mouth reconstruction/full mouth rehabilitation? It can include all or just some of the points shown below. It will entirely depend on what is required to provide you with the best long term solution based on the outcome and results of the comprehensive examination you received from your Malo Smile USA specialist.

Teeth: what restorative procedures may be needed depends to a largely on the condition of your teeth. Those procedures may include porcelain veneers or full coverage crowns. Inlays and/or onlays as well as bridges or implants restored with a crown may also be part of the restorative work. Our dental expert checks every single cavity, looking for decay, for signs of tooth wear and cracks. He also looks for short or long teeth and for any evidence of root canal problems and tooth movement of any kind.

Gum tissues: (periodontal) In case your gums are infected or otherwise in an unhealthy condition you might need root planing and scaling to treat your periodontal disease. You could need additional and more intensive treatments from our periodontist to be certain that your newly reconstructed teeth have a secure and solid foundation. Those treatments may entail soft tissue graft. In some case bone grafts might be required to “bolster” gums and with it the underlying jaw bone. We will look for deep pockets, signs of periodontal disease, and irregularities of bone structure. Finally we check to see if you suffer from excessive or insufficient gum tissue.

Jaw muscles and occlusion,Temporomandibular joints: A normal and stable bite guarantees; that you are free from pain when you open or close your mouth. That you don’t feel any pain when you chew and it means that you don’t have to fear any wear or destruction of your teeth. Your general oral health depends on it. Occlusal changes are being taken into serious consideration at the time we plan your restorations. It is quite possible, that you could need orthodontics or some other form of procedure for example (bite reprogramming orthotic or night guard) to deal with occlusion before we can carry out any additional restorative procedures and treatment.

Esthetics: let’s not forget that esthetics are very important too. They form an integral part of your full mouth rehabilitation treatment. The color or your teeth together with their shape, their size and especially the proportion of teeth, and how they appear in relation to your mouth, side on profile, lips, gums, as well as face are very important for your new “look”

To carry out a thorough examination we need to make some X-rays and photographs of your mouth, including impressions of your upper and lower teeth. We then create models of your teeth which are based on the impressions made earlier and last but not least a model of your bite. If need be we ask one of our specialists (periodontist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon) to help with developing a special treatment plan which caters for your specific personal requirements.

As soon as we have obtained the complete information pertaining to your case, our specialist dentist for full mouth reconstruction can now start the procedures as per plan to correct all your problems in your mouth and complete your full mouth reconstruction.

Please make sure that you fully understand the procedures involved and the benefits of the recommended procedures and treatments. If you have any doubts or questions it is very important to us that you ask us to explain to you those points of your treatment you may not be sure about in more detail.

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