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Digital Smile Design – What is it?

Smile design is the actual preliminary process before the real treatment begins!

The Digital Smile Design concept of the 21st century uses facial esthetic data of the patient and making use of the modern digital technology such as video and photos. The specialist dentist of Malo Smile USA can now much better understand and evaluate the relationship of lips, teeth, gums and face as he or she can see it in “motion”.

Best of all, the patient can be presented with a “visual” which makes it much easier for the individual to understand the envisioned end result. The patients can now make much more informed choices and decisions and give their approval prior to that actual treatment even starting.

Over the past ten years, the words ‘smile design’ have increasingly become popular and are being used as a way to describe what is known as esthetic dentistry.

In a nutshell, smile design is the entire process, beginning with the pre-visualization and planning of the preferred outcome of any given esthetic dental procedure. Our aim to achieve an improved and balanced state, instead of the current prevailing disharmony. It is very much based on the rules of smile, facial, tooth and gingival balance. Not to forget of course that the personal needs of the patient have to be taken into consideration. In particular, attention has to be directed towards the functional aspects and the practicality of the entire holistic smile design procedures.

Laws of harmony:

Smile design is not purely based on the esthetic perception or preference of the dentist nor that of the dental technician. Today, the design procedure comprises highly complex tasks and steps. Smile Design is guided by closely interrelated tooth, facial, gingival and smile harmony aspects and rules, taking into account the prevailing conditions which apply to the patient’s age group.

Functional aspects:

Never should functionality be overridden in favor of esthetics. Apart from the esthetic aspects, the functional needs (i.e., the operating requirements of the mandibular joint and that of the teeth) must be taken into serious consideration.


The principles of harmony, the ideas and preferences of each patient, and the most appropriate smile has to be chosen. In addition, all feasibility considerations must be taken into full and complete account.

There a few different ways of how we can show by way of a “pre-view” the possible options and the proposed designed smile to patients, but the new digital computer generated and -assisted smile design is, without any doubt, the most effective and accurate one.

Computer-assisted smile design is performed by your Malo Smile USA dentist who uses a specific graphic design program and special smile design software which has been custom developed for dentists.

All Malo Smile USA Dental offices use state of the art technology. We can provide our patients with the opportunity to look at many different Smile Design option, which are very realistically presented, using the patient’s own facial images. This allows us to stay within the limits of feasibility, yet delivering an individual smile type that matches the principles of balance and harmony and caters for the individual preferences of our patients.

We take care of your Individual needs:

At Malo Smile USA we never ignore or disregard the opinion of our patients. In the overwhelming number of cases, the instructions we receive from patients, their personal taste and the style they aspire to, all make a valuable contribution to the end result which culminates into a truly amazing and harmonious smile.